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We help you
ignite your passion for entrepreneurship
We help you
ignite your passion for entrepreneurship
embark on a journey of personal growth
transform industries with character
empower Vietnam's potential
build valuable lasting connections
start real thriving companies
ignite your passion for entrepreneurship
Kickstart your career, launch your startup, and upskill yourself as an entrepreneur.
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Launch 🚀 real companies
in our transformative 🌱
entrepreneurship journey.

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Business Launch

Equipped with the right tools and resources, you'll bring your startup from concept to creation, ready to enter the market.

Character Development

Our program cultivates traits of integrity, leadership, and social responsibility, preparing you to make a positive impact on your community.

Resilient Management

Gain a deep understanding of business dynamics and financial management, preparing you to navigate through economic turbulence and market variations.

An Image of start up books stacked on top of each other

Backed by the best.

We have a vibrant network of companies and schools that support our movement, where dreams are ignited, character is crafted, and the future is forged.

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Immerse 🌊 yourself in a
comprehensive 🧠 1-week
entrepreneurship program.

Unlock your entrepreneurial potential. Experience the exhilaration of sowing and nurturing business ideas that become thriving ventures.
💵 Tuition
5,000,000 VND

Your investment covers program costs, access to industry leaders, and resources to realize your business ideas. It's not a fee – it's an investment in your future.

⏳ Course Duration
Dec 17th to Dec 23rd, 2023
🧑‍🎓 Eligibility
High School Students in Vietnam
We also provide financial aid, learn more about our program's cost and application process

How you will learn

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🗓️ Day to Day Learning

Each of the 6 days of the program focuses on a different facet of entrepreneurship: Ideation, Prototyping, Testing, Logistics, Market Strategy, Traction, Pitching, and Launch.

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🚗 BizTrek

A field trip to a renowned company in Hanoi, offering a chance to interact with industry executives, learn about daily operations, and derive inspiration for your own entrepreneurial journey.

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🗣️ PODs

You will undertake PODs (Purposeful Ongoing Discussions), which are reflection sessions on entrepreneurial ethics, global issues, and personal development.

A start up pitch in a conference room
📸 Demo Day

Ignite the stage with the brilliance of your venture as you captivate a distinguished panel of industry experts and awe-inspiring potential investors.

More about how you will learn in this page

Learn from industry
veterans with their profound
and ⭐️ valuable wisdom

Meet the Mầm Lá Việt Ignite family: a dynamic team of entrepreneurs, innovators, and educators dedicated to transforming business lessons into captivating journeys.

Dylan Kim

With a background in CS and Leadership from Boston College and an MIT Launch alum, he's passionate about transforming education through entrepreneurship. He designs the program and spearheads MLV Ignite.


Heedong Cho

A graduate of the United Nations International School of Hanoi, he's an entrepreneurial force behind our program. With innate curiosity, he leads our team and day-to-day operations, propelling us towards success.


Huy Nguyen

Exploring Design, UI/UX, and FED at Monash University, he strives to create elevating digital experiences that inspire, connect, and make a lasting impact on the world. He's the creative force behind our digital presence.

Finance & Strategy

Timothy Liu

With a background in Finance from Boston College, a program mentee at Deloitte, he's the mastermind behind our movement. He translates goals into numbers and purpose into metrics, turning our ideas into reality.

Check out our MLV ambassadors ☄️

Navigating Data, Purpose, and Innovation in a Global Landscape with Woohyung Lee

"Though I was, fortunately, able to start my own ventures in high school, I am confident I would have found more success if it was done through a program like MLV."
Woohyung Lee • Wharton School, UPenn '26, UNIS Hanoi '22

Brewing Breakthroughs in Biochemistry: Lindsey Lee’s Entrepreneurial Voyage

“I think MLV Ignite could be the door opening for you to know more people who are immersed in entrepreneurship…these baby steps are really important.”
Lindsey Lee • UCLA '26, SSIS '22
Ignite 🔥 your
entrepreneurial spirit and make your 🫵 mark

Frequently asked questions 🤔

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